Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello all,

Valerie also set me up with one of her friends who also has a studio in the quad of buildings that Valerie works in. The warehouse is called “The Can Factory,” it was an old bottling factory that was converted into studio spaces for artist and musicians. It is very cool to walk down the halls and see the names on all the doors. They have some very successful and well known artists working there. In wondering one day I saw the name Tim Hyde. I wrote a paper on Tim for a Contemporary Art class! In a weird way seeing his name hit me. The artists that we see in museums, galleries, etc. do work and create like the rest of us. They aren't so removed from us and society. I know that is weird to say but I already had a connection to that artist and his studio is down the hall from the artist I'm working for! It was odd to see the name of someone whose work was on display in The Philadelphia Museum of Art in such a close proximity to me, give it up from Brooklyn!! Sometimes you think artists are untouchable or unreachable or live and work in some remote area or even another dimension. It was cool to work near someone so successful and so famous and so close to home. It almost made things seem reachable, or not so foreign. I think seeing his name gave me a more personal experience of art in general because it brought me closer to the creative process. For art papers you write about the art that you are intrigued by, attracted too.

You write about a person, a name that other then his art you know little about. Reading a biography does not allow you into the personal live, the creative process of the person. I like that seeing Tim Hyde's name on the door still has a bit of mystery behind it. I know where his studio is but I do not know what is inside. I feel connected but I still feel distant. The doors are big metal doors, you cannot see in. It was cool to still wonder about the man behind the curtain but feel connected to his workspace. It is also cool that I saw his work in Philadelphia, close to Delaware, and his studio, very close to home. I had a revelation in away, just that these famous artists are real and can pop up where you least expect it.

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