Friday, August 6, 2010

BLOGher- You Go Girl!

Well fellow UD bloogers, do I have a story for you. I worked a huge conference today in the Hilton on 53rd and 6th for female bloggers, caller BLOGher! There were so many different women form all across the country, young, middle aged, some kids, some dogs in bags. Most were dressed pretty normally, the reason why I say that is because some were in Wonder Women outfits and some were in tutus. A lot of women has shirts that reped there blog sites, most sites were for mommys. The women blogged about the good, the bad, and the ugly of motherhood. I met many interesting characters who really inspired me to not be intimidated to write my mind. The slogan for the conference was "Life well said." I thought that was articulated pretty well. One of the great features of the conference was blank speak bubbles where the women could write what was on there mind. Some were inspirational, some were funny, and some were down right raunchy. You go girl!
With my many projects and art gigs this summer you are probably wondering how in the world did she get involved in that or better yet, what the F@* is she talking about. I will try and lay it out for you as best I can. Lord knows I go on tangents thinking whatever is on my mind will come across on paper...I'm working on it! Anyway back to my amazing adventures in midtown, here is an explanation for my random yet exciting and quirky participation in The 2010 BLOGher conference. One of the big sponsors for the conference is Procter & Gamble. One of the main companies of Procter & Gamble is Bounty. Bounty is one of the main sponsors and partners with Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, for which I work for. The conference had a huge fake house set up in the main ballroom where all the corporate sponsors ran little tutorials and gave out free samples yayy!! The products and companies were divided by rooms, Bounty of course was in the faux kitchen. Myself, another intern along with visiting artist Naomi Blume were there on behalf of Rush Kids. Rush is part of Bounty's "Make a clean difference program." Just a little side note, Bount is no longer "The quilted quicker picker upper." The program is meant to spur creativity. The company does not want the stress of a mess the stifle the artistic process. Bounty and Rush published a cute little pamphlet with fun activities for parents to do with their children. Myself and the girls were there to do one of the interactive projects with all the fast and furious female bloggers. We focused on a cheap, fun, and easy project called Food for Thought. For the project we made collages out of food packaging labels. The interns actually collected the images on line, but the booklet instructs the consumer to collect labels for a week or so then sit down and create. We were selling a product while making art, how commercial!
It was really cool to be on the Procter and Gamble team, seeing the PR side of things and making art. I was really surprised at the size of the conference. I liked meeting all the women. The best part was seeing so many women carrying bags and bags of free samples. Gotta get it while it's hot I guess. I am going again tomorrow for part duex. Will keep you posted. Blog on, live well and prosper...Life well said.

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