Thursday, August 19, 2010

My final weeks

This summer has been a huge learning experience for me. I have be able to work creatively with other artists and designers to finish projects with real life deadlines, from this I have learned time management. Through out the summer I have created so many contacts that I had to create a book for them. Both of these internships have affected my life. In printmaking I have a book that I have kept of everything that I have learned so that I can begin to use these new techniques in my art. I also had in depth conversations with Kathy about what art is and some how it would always revert back to something I learned in Art 315. We discussed a lot about how digital art is effecting printmaking. She is fighting to no be replaced by technology, because she sells a lot of her clients work, and when people are able to get a look a like digitally for less some times they will not invest in the real thing. We also talked a lot about how it is sometimes it is important for artists to be able to collaborate together on a piece and the magic that can happen when two artists create work together.

The last day Kathy let me print and taught me an embossing technique in printmaking. I was also able to continue helping her with her upcoming show and I taught her a little bit about photoshop in my last few days there so that she could use technology to her advantage in printmaking rather then let it replace the printmaking process. My last day Kathy gave me two signed prints of her own! I have started a Kathy collection and as a parting gift she had made me hand made business cards so that I can start creating my own contacts!

At Wyndham I worked in a corporate environment and really leaned how business mixes with design. I had such a great experience that I have been looking into the interior design world and what it can offer me. In my last weeks I finished up the projects that I was assigned which was the specification book. I will really miss the people I worked with! They taught me a lot of life lessons, like how to manage family time and work time, or how to be a mother and work a full time job, or how no matter what path you go in eventually you will get where you need to be. A lot of the people I worked with started in completely different jobs or majors and as time went on they found their way to what they loved, this was reassuring because as we all know senior year is right around the corner and it is a little scary when you do not know what the future will bring when we enter the work force.

I will really miss the people that I have met this summer and I plan on staying in touch, maybe even working at one of these two places in the future!

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