Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my prints

Here are some of the prints that I made while with Lou. This flower print is very reminiscent of the technique Lou used with his flower prints. Lou works with lots of layers creating texture and value. I had done a lot of simple pencil and pen drawings before I was ready to start planning this print. I wanted to use crosshatching to create the value in the print instead of just using blocks of colors. It's easier to see the detail in person. The print is about 16"x16".
This is my forth print I completed. My assignment was to create a design where I would have to have perfect registration. Having perfect registration is a lot harder than it looks and to get all 20 or so editions perfect too. Lou has a very critical eye and would notice when the two shapes just barely didn't touch. It was these minor mistakes that taught me how to problem solve and fix my mistakes.
This landscape of a picture I took in Brazil uses a technique unique to Lou. In a given stencil/shape, instead of creating a new stencil, he slowly paints out areas to create a more blended shading technique. So each mountain range was a separate stencil. I would print it once with the lightest color then paint a thin line on the top of the stencil. I would print it again with a slightly darker color, then paint another line on the stencil. This process would be repeated until the entire shape is shaded.
It's not the conventional way to print it does add a softer look to the silkscreen print that can usually look bold and graphic.
This was my first print, the whale! I was introduced to stencils and the technique of painting out areas.

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